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Full Version: Forum and Loader Rules
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Forum and Loader Rules - Dory

By purchasing our cheat, you have to agree with the rules below. If you do not agree with them, dont buy our cheat.

1) is only responsible for keys purchased in the official VK Group or in our forum ( ). If you have purchased a cheat from another source, then we are not responsible for their actions and your money.

1.1) Your loader account is limited to ONE computer. This means that you cant use it on multiple computers. If you change your computer or its components, you need to request a HWID reset on the forums, after which your account will be re-registered to a new computer.

1.2) The loader sends the technical specifications of your computer to our server, and also informs our server about certain system features and parameters of your operating system. This is done to provide better technical support. Also, system information is used to limit the loader to one computer only.

1.3) It is forbidden to share accounts (you will receive a permanent ban if you break this rule).

1.4) In the case of a ban, we do not replace anything, so it is not recommended to use the cheat on valueable accounts. Although there is support for anti-cheats, this does not give a 100% chance of not getting banned. We inform users if the use of the cheat is dangerous. The detected status is determined by the confirmations of banned users and our test accounts. Test accounts are checked at least 4 times a week. It is possible to freeze the subscription until the problem is solved.

1.5) We usually give no refunds, BUT a refund is possible if the cheat does not work AT ALL on your system ( Aka you can't launch it ). To verify the existence of problems with the purchased product, technical support in the right to request access to the computer (on which you run the cheat) through a remote connection (teamviewer). If you refuse this procedure, then a refund is not possible. Also, for a refund, you must contact the support not later than 5 days after purchasing the cheat with which a problem has occurred.

1.5.1). If you try to request refund @ PayPal or digiseller  by your own ( or leaving the negative feedback on digiseller without proving your point ), you will receive permanent hardwareID ban! This means you won't be able to buy / use our cheat in future! Think twice before doing this. 

1.6) We do not guarantee 24/7 service. There may be interruptions or technical work on the server, which can cause difficulties with the loader. In these cases, the subscription of the product in maintenance will get extended.

1.7) If you try to debug the loader or harm it in any way, you will receive a permanent ban.

1.8) For an attempt to deceive the administration you will receive a permanent ban in our loader,forum and group.

1.9) Administration of can deny YOUR access at any time they want without ANY explanation. This rule applies to:
Forum access
Loader access group access

Any violation of the rules is punishable by removing a subscription for a certain period (depending on the degree of violation) or a lifetime ban.

Forum rules:
1.1 Insults, "trolling" or provocations are forbidden.
1.2 It is forbidden to publish private information about any user without his consent.
1.3 It is forbidden to create two or more identical topics.
1.4 Make sure to read the F.A.Q. before asking any questions. Constantly avoiding this rule may lead to a temporary ban.
1.5 It is forbidden to insult the administration and moderators in any form.
1.6 The flood / offtop / thread necromancy is prohibited in any form.
1.7 New threads must be created in their respective sections.
1.8 Any sale without the consent of the administration is prohibited.
1.9. It is forbidden to discuss the actions of administrators / moderators. If you do not agree with the moderator's actions, you can discuss this with one of the administrators using private messages.
2.0 Advertising in any form is prohibited.
2.1. Technical support is provided within 24 hours after the creation of a separate topic on the forum.
2.2 It is forbidden to register more than one account on the forum.
Rules for user profiles:
2.3 It is forbidden to put a signature larger than 700x300.
2.4 Insults, advertising in the status are prohibited.
Rules of Conduct in the chat:
2.5 Advertising in any form is prohibited.
2.6 Insults / "trolling" in any form is prohibited.
2.7 It is prohibited to spam in any form.

Any violation of the rules is punished with a ban.